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That time state and federal shipping regulations ruined my weekend

A couple weekends ago, I ended up at a local bar near Tumon. Now, Tumon, for those who don’t know, is the more tourist-y, resort-y part of Guam. Lots of fancy hotels and, as a result lots of fancy bars. So of course, I avoided those and ended up at a bar with loud music a pool table and a shuffleboard table (because obviously this place also catered to the elderly “got lost on our way off the cruise ship” crowd). But that’s beside the point. Upon entering into the bar and I prepared to make my choice among the ever-so-common Bud Light, Coors Light and Miller “Lite” for those who prefer phonetics over real words. ┬áTypically, I drink Coors in these situations. After all, when these are your choices, you tend to choose the one that is actually closest to water. However, tonight was different. When I looked inside the case, I was suddenly beckoned by a beautiful brown lager, shipped straight from God’s country.

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