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That One Time I Got Lost Leaving the Outlet Mall

Cut me some slack. It’s ten past one in the morning and I’m out of clever headings. Besides, it’s easier to refer to stories as “That One Time” rather than some other name that’ll be harder to remember as time goes on.

This morning, I decided that, being the last person I know to see¬†The Dark Knight Rises, it would be fun to just practice driving around Guam by taking a quick trip down to Guam Premier Outlets (GPO), our nearest outlet mall/the only theater I know how to get to. After consulting my only map and memorizing the turns I needed to make, I set out for my first excursion on the island. Now, the thing about Guam is that there isn’t (as far as I can tell) much in the way of street signs. Instead, the streets have names on maps and numbered route signs in real life. And, though I’m sure that things become easier with more experience on the roads, this did not ease my concern of driving for the first time. Luckily, I was able to get to the mall without too much trouble. After the movie and some shopping, I went to head home.¬†Unfortunately, my arrogance in thinking that the return trip would be just as easy as the first drive proved to be my downfall as the transit gods would soon curse me and my hubris.

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