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Five Things to Know About Weather on Guam

When I first found out I was moving to Guam, I was thrilled to be moving to the sunny shores of the Pacific Tropics. Sure, I knew there was a threat of typhoons, but I figured they were few and far between, like hurricanes in New Orleans (and I was used to those!). So I figured that, overall, my days would be spent sitting in the sun. Heck, I even posted a Facebook status about my upcoming sunny adventure!

Pictured: The naïveté of youth

Unfortunately, as I quickly found out, it rains here. A lot.

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Hafa Adai, World!

So I know I’ve been a bit late on getting this blog started, but let’s be honest. I was either in an airport or on a plane for 20 hours. I deserve some slack. Since I know everyone is so anxious to read about my new life on Guam, I’m hoping to be able to get up at least a post or two a week depending on the week’s “awesome rating.” Finally, much like my first experience driving on Guam (foreshadowing?!), I have next-to-no idea what direction this blog’s going to take until it actually gets there. But before I get into that adventure, let me back up a little bit.

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