Catching Up

Oh hey, I still have a blog.

I’ve been pretty neglectful of this thing lately, but it’s been tough to get the time to actually write. Anyway, I’ve had a handful of people–including some folks I had no idea even read this thing–tell me that they’ve been waiting to check on what’s been going on. So here’s the latest scoop on Guam. Also, I’ve been catching flack for not posting enough photos, so let’s see if I can’t drop some here.

Agana Heights, Home Sweet Home

After two weeks in the exotic Ramada Inn of Tamuning, I finally found a place to stay. While it’s by no means the fanciest place that I’ve slept–though the lack of hot water certainly helps me wake up in the morning–it’s a lot better than nothing. Also, I suppose I can’t complain about the view.

AH View

Because really, there aren’t many places where you can see three towns from across your parking lot.

Why I’m a journalist and not a car mechanic

I’ll be honest, I’m not good with cars. I can change a tire but that’s probably about it. Worse still, I’m not good at interpreting whatever symbols and lights are on the dash. I distinctly remember a time in my youth when I thought the ‘F’ on the dashboard stood for “Failing” and the ‘E’ stood for “Excellent.” So imagine my surprise when I got into my car and saw this was lit up on the dash.

Not pictured: Help

Now, I’m just going to be straight-up here. This is, honest to god, the least helpful symbol that I have ever seen. There is not a visible thing on the car that looks like this. So to figure it out, I tried to think of every conceivable possibility.

Unfortunately, none of these seemed to be sensible options. But considering the exclamation point, I figured it was important enough to call in about.

When I bring the car in, I tell the guy what’s going on in about as clear terms as the car’s light explained to me. The result? It turns out that light refers to the car’s tire pressure gauge.

Because this looks like a tire

But I figured it was still a good idea to bring it in, right? Hopefully they can put some air in the tires or at least direct me to a gas station where I can take care of it. The response?

Don’t worry about it; everything looks fine. There’s nothing to be concerned about.

Apparently, the light turning out only meant that it needed to be reset and that the exclamation point was really only a suggestion.

Oh no worries. This just means we need to reset the fire alarm.

So this one’s already running long and, while I’ve got some stuff to write about from some of the times I’ve ventured out to explore, I’ll save that for a future post. Hopefully I can knock that one out tomorrow, though. I just wanted to keep this thing up to date and at least have something that I could write about.

PS Totally the most anti-climactic blog post I’ve written, but I spent about two hours photoshopping those tire gauge pictures and they ended up taking up most of the blog.

So, uh, sorry about that.


One thought on “Catching Up

  1. Marianne Muehr says:

    What an education you are getting! I always heard travel was broadening. I just didn’t realize it was travel via your car “trouble icons.” You may have more in your future. I look forward to more photoshopping opportunities for you. Enjoying your blog, Cameron, and congrats on your front page bylines. Marianne and Dickie Muehr, Weimar, Texas

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